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Sales Transformation & Marketing Capability Development

Even the best of strategies can fail in their delivery. Very often, those failures don't occur because of a badly chosen direction, but because the strategy over-estimates existing capability, or under-estimates the execution effort required.

Our Capability Development & Transformation workstream was established to address this risk, from the outset. We assess Sales and Marketing organisational horsepower to form a clear-eyed view of current state capability. We then help clients create new organisational designs, and build out the skillsets they need to deliver on their ambitions.​ Our lenses even go beyond your in-house teams, to take into account any third-party supplier capabilities, with a view helping you form one, holistic, high performance function.


Emmet's Outsourcing & Execution practise compliments our Capability programme by offering Outsource Marketing, Interim Executive and temporary resourcing solutions. 

These carefully selected Capability case studies highlight some of our past experiences, as well as showing how our Strategy, Capability and Execution workstreams work hand in hand with one another. 

Education Marketing Product Strategy

Plan to Win

While Universities are often associated with innovation, the innovation of their courseware can often lag behind. Our progressive client recognised that their existing course - or product - development processes were out-dated and consuming more organisational resource than was necessary. 

Education and Schools Brand Strategy

Growing Pains

Our client is a major access point to one of Australia’s best universities. With an ambitious transformational program and international growth ambitions, Emmet was engaged to identify and design organisational structure and requirements for the marketing and communications functions.  

NFP Marketing Strategy

A Healthier Way

Fundraising for medical research is one of the most competitive markets there is. The CEO of this household brand needed to improve marketing efficiency.

Education Brand and Marketing Strategy

Tradition & Innovation

As one of Australia’s most progressive and prestigious independent schools, our client had re-imagined its education proposition brick by brick. The challenge? How to translate thought leadership into brand and marketing activity. 

The Admissions Flywheel 

One of Victoria's most prestigious girls’ schools was known for high-level educational achievement. Yet, there was difficulty in increasing active enrolments, making it challenging to develop long-range planning.     

Accelerating Sales Integration

After a series of acquisitions, one of Australia’s leading Telco providers needed to review its B2B sales organisation. Our mandate was to integrate and optimise three high-profile brands  identifying and delivering
top-and-bottom-line benefits.

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