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Sales Transformation in ICT & Telecommunications

Accelerating Sales Integration.

Project Type: Sales Transformation 

Industries: Telecommunications

Services: B2B Sales Transformation,
Interim Executive and Capability Design 

After a series of acquisitions, one of Australia’s leading Telco providers needed to review its B2B sales organisation. Our mandate was to integrate and optimise three high-profile brands across Business, Enterprise, and Government sectors, identifying and delivering top-and-bottom-line benefits.


Our Approach

The sales team of this national company consisted of over 150 experienced members responsible for $100m+ revenue generation. Despite their expertise, the team required shaping around a newly developed commercial strategy.

Undertaking extensive data analysis, we consolidated sales information across multiple brands and sources, including Sales CRM, Finance, Product and HR, to create a single source of data truth. Having aligned thousands of data points, we translated the data into sales performance, opportunity, and risk segmentation.


Leveraging the sales performance insight to guide the sales transformation, we reshaped the team within two months. This agility and insight unlocked immediate cost efficiencies and simultaneously improved sales performance. This sales transformation provided a blueprint for longer-term growth and improved alignment with priority markets.

With the foundation set and the savings necessary for future reinvestment realised, we turned to the organisation’s operating rhythm; addressing long-term insight gaps, we created a new performance reporting suite and cadence to drive the sales organisation’s operating rhythm through to the Board level.

The Results

This sales transformation delivered multi-million-dollar efficiencies. Our upfront investment in analysis unlocked performance insights, enabling agile
decision-making by the executive team to re-invest
in priority growth areas. Future choices can now be navigated with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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