Marketing Outsourcing, Execution & Interim Executive

Since launching in 2013, our Outsourcing & Execution services have supported a myriad of organisations with short-to-mid term resourcing needs, such as cover for key team member resignations, maternity and paternity leave.


Our Marketing Outsourcing capabilities support a growing client base with mid to longer term engagements, where additional bandwidth is needed to a significant growth phase, to assure major programme delivery, or when a strategic decision has been made to outsource some or all elements of the Marketing function.

From Interim Executive cover, to the provision of additional capability and bandwidth, and through to ongoing support via Board, Advisory, Coaching and Mentoring services, our Outsource & Execution solutions provide clients with the additional resources they require, when they need them the most. 

Our Marketing Outsourcing, Execution & Interim Executive case studies showcase a number of engagements, including many where an initial, short-term need has led to a long and enduring partnership.


A Digital Delivery

Our client - one of Australia’s leading online retailers - provides an extensive digital, further education offering. Emmet was enlisted to provide an Interim CMO, leading a team of over 45 team members through the launch of a new online product proposition, during the organisation's busiest time of the year.

Health and Wellbeing Marketing Strategy

Inner Strength

Through training and group fitness, our client helps strengthen bodies and minds. Having worked with the client team since the brands inception, Emmet is an extension of their business, and was tasked with helping it grow sustainably.

Education Brand and Marketing Strategy

Tradition & Innovation

As one of Australia’s most progressive and prestigious independent schools, our client had re-imagined its education proposition brick by brick. The challenge? How to translate thought leadership into brand and marketing activity. 

NFP Marketing Strategy

A Healthier Path

Fundraising for medical research is one of the most competitive markets there is. The CEO of this household brand appointed an Emmet partner into the Interim Executive CMO role, with a remit to lift marketing efficiency.