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In B2B organisations, Sales and Marketing should be the power couple.

The hallmarks of great Sales and Marketing leadership come from the genesis of connection and understanding.

When growth or new initiatives fail, the interdependencies between these functions are found to be underestimated.

Well-oriented, Sales and Marketing functions need to work lockstep as a one-two punch to optimise growth and deliver commercial outcomes. As Marketing unpacks needs, motivations and builds a brand that resonates, Sales follow closely behind, converting opportunity into profitable interactions with customers and clients.

As we sit on the cusp of yet another wave of uncertainty, increased commercial pressures and market noise means leaders cannot afford these two functions to not be on their collective ‘A Game’.

Over the past three years, we’ve been helping some of Australia’s largest sales and marketing teams optimise performance; here’s our starting point.

  • Unification Shared vision and goals are mission critical. The hallmarks of great Sales and Marketing leadership come from the genesis of connection and understanding - behavioural sciences teach us that we’re more likely to believe and trust people we know – well. Begin by breaking down functional barriers and investing in building relationships and understanding.

  • Accountability and Motivation Create forums for teams to work in synergy. This is where cadence becomes king. Create weekly meetings and open platforms to communicate in a coordinated and sustained manner, signaling expectations of collaboration and interdependencies of success. Ensure team members have aligned cross-functional responsibility, as this increased accountability acts as an incentive to create a more motivated and driven team.

  • Shared Data Create simple, measurable targets to help focus activity and collaboration. This reduces conflicting priorities and works to improve collective focus.

  • Share Success and Insights Improved cooperation and alignment result in improved insights flowing between functions and clarity of activity, this ultimately translates into enhanced customer experience through the decision-making funnel. Data tracked and shared closes the loop on success for both teams.

A unified team, where both groups work cohesively, creates a stronger bond of human connection, planning and, ultimately, commercial performance, culture and satisfaction.

Not only does it limit confusion and misunderstanding, but it also makes assurance through mutual satisfaction of relevant data, ideas, and approaches to the market, resulting in both teams being able to verify their work as one unit.

Planning for change is as critical as the change itself. Research shows that Sales and Marketing alignment are crucial drivers of market success in B2B environments. Check out our case studies and blogs for further details.

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