Sales teams are a complicated mix of personalities, technologies, processes, and people that shape success or failure.


Working across six lenses, we optimise the Sales Organisation by aligning structure with markets, segmentation with portfolio design, and capability with structures, compensation, and technology to maximise revenue and profitability.

Sales compensation modelling

Sales compensation or commission development is an art of balance – ensuring organisational revenue objectives are balanced with individual incentives and achievement. Getting this right positively impacts sales performance, revenue and staff retention.


From financial modelling to impact assessments and incentive program implementation, we offer a flexible engagement model to help where required.


Sales Talent and Technology

As technology and next-level automation are embedded into sales organisations, it’s essential to have the right balance of humans where they add maximum value and software solutions to drive insights and performance. Through us, you can drive sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Our sales transformation services include

  • Commercial strategy and transformation
  • Channel strategy
  • Sales operating structure
  • Sales compensation modelling
  • Sales operations and technology
  • Sales and revenue forecasting



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