B2B Global SaaS growth


Global expansion

One of the world’s leading encryption and file-sharing platforms for government, defence, healthcare, education, and businesses approached us to help them grow. Our initial challenge was to help this highly innovative organisation shift gears by redefining its digital strategy, delivering ROI, and propelling the brand into the next phase of business growth.

Increasing marketing ROI

To get to the heart of the issue behind the inefficient ROI on paid digital activity and sales performance, we undertook a full data review investigating online traffic volumes, quality of visits, and SEO in place. We pinpointed performance gaps and areas of opportunity to remedy funnel-fall-out issues.

We also identified that the online experience required an overhaul to optimise the UX, UI and CRO. Competitor mapping was undertaken to understand the online experience as a necessary first step to understanding the marketplace and devising a plan to position the brand with an even better experience, far exceeding competitors.

Following the baseline work, we developed a Go-To-Market strategy across critical global markets. We established a worldwide network of best-in-class partners to create a marketing machine, with Emmet Consulting acting as the global outsourced marketing team.

Factional CMO 

Working as part of the team, we led expansion in Australia, the USA, and Europe. Within the first six months, we achieved a 40% improvement in our client’s organic web traffic health with increased page visit volumes and a reduction in historical bounce rates from 82% to 49%. A complete marketing program was established, including awareness, conversion, MRR, and ARR.

We ensured that marketing and internal and external sales teams were aligned with a transparent view of the sales funnel and established strategic partnerships with global telcos and technology brands. Having positioned the on-demand product, the organisation set to leverage its patented technology in adjacent markets.