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Marketing Truth.

Finding your marketing truth, and helping you tell it well, is why we exist


Founded in 2013, Emmet is an independent consultancy with practises in Business and Organisational Planning, Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Sales Enablement. Our clients span an extensive range of industries, with specialisms across B2B and Education.


We drive growth and innovation by transforming the impact of Marketing, the effectiveness of Sales and the way in which these business-critical functions interact with one another. In Education, we balance academic, commercial and operational considerations to create brand differentiation and drive enrolment growth.

Our consulting team are senior, commercially minded thinkers with a blend of client, agency and consultancy experience. People who’ve led national and global brands through a maze of commercial, sales and marketing challenges. And, most importantly, people who have the results to show for it. 

Whether it's a specific project or as extended members of your in-house Executive, Marketing and Sales teams, we bring the same fundamental beliefs in the application of data, insights, commercial rigour and clear planning to create organisational alignment and ensure performance delivery.


Commercial, Brand & Marketing Consulting


Working across B2B, B2C and Education, our programmes typically span one or more of our three, complimentary service areas - Strategy Consulting, Capability Development, Outsourcing & Execution.

We bring clarity and purpose, by leading and facilitating the development of strategic plans at the organisational, brand, sales and marketing levels. 

Organisational Planning

Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Communications Strategy 

Internal Communications

Sales Strategy 

Product & Service Innovation & Roadmap Development 

We help organisations build new capability, as well as developing programmes to optimise existing Marketing and Sales engines in-house, and across your supplier-partner networks.

Marketing Team Capability Reviews

Marketing Organisational Design

Sales Team Capability Review

Sales Organisation and Portfolio Design

Partner & Supplier Reviews and Partnership Optimisation

We work as an extension of existing Marketing and Sales teams, providing additional capability, experience and bandwidth to ensure programme delivery. We also offer interim executive leadership cover across CMO, CRO, CCO and CSO.

Go to Market Business Case & Execution

Sales, Marketing & Channel Planning

Project and Campaign Execution

Interim Executive

Board and Ongoing Advisory Support

Team Coaching and Mentoring 

Strategy Consulting

Capability Development

Outsourcing & Execution




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