The benefits of engaging interim and fractional leadership


When one of Australia’s most prominent brands needed to inject capability and focus into their 300+ B2B commercial leadership team, Emmet Consulting was engaged to develop a transformation and succession plan. The mix of experience, a fresh perspective, and much-needed energy and data mining skills enabled our client to drive and effect the change required. Over a 12-month period, we achieved 20% sales growth in a flat market, creating a foundation for future growth.

Engaging Interim or Fractional Leader 

Engaging experienced consultants and interim or fractional executives to deliver commercial transformation, transition-in-change, or provide flexible bandwidth when commercial environments toughen ensures teams never have to fly blind or under-resourced.

What benefits can you expect?

1. Experience. Rich and deep expertise gained from organisations and brands that have faced similar commercial challenges and achieved positive commercial outcomes.

2. Independent assessment that leads to positive change. Professional interim executives don’t have a stake in the organisation, which helps them assess objectively. As an ‘outsider-insider,’ real challenges can be identified and solved faster in collaboration with existing teams.

3. Flexibility. You can benefit from their deep connections and access to talent that may otherwise be beyond your networks or budgets.

4. Organisational learning. Strengthening your bench improves peer-to-peer learning, helps with skill proficiency and knowledge sharing, and critically enhances creativity and innovation.

5. Agility and Creativity. Sometimes, a team’s ‘culture’ needs a shock or circuit breaker to help make things happen. The truth is that teams become accustomed to operating in a certain way, and challenging the status quo can be positive.

Supercharge your team

Over the past ten years, the team at Emmet Consulting have undertaken numerous interim executive and fractional leadership roles as CMOs, and CROs and provided injection to help build commercial modelling, market entry and brand repositioning across Telecommunications, Language Services, Health and Well-being, Education, SaaS, and Cyber Security to transform commercial performance.