Marketing Transformation


One of Victoria’s most prestigious girls’ schools was known for high-level educational achievement. Yet, the Marketing and Admissions team was not succeeding in increasing active enrolments, making long-range planning challenging.  Emmet was tasked with creating a sustainable and transparent approach to Marketing and Enrolment activity.

The creation of the Admissions Flywheel

Undertaking our immersion, we unpacked marketing and enrolment performance, reviewing functional capability and capacity across six key lenses. This analysis clarified existing Marketing and Admission performance, pinpointing the requirements for enrolment sustainability and subsequent growth. Stopping programs that failed to deliver impact, we redistributed funds to critical investment initiatives.

A digital program was established, integrating Digistorm into the website and implementing Digistorm Funnel to provide a seamless view of the enrolment pipeline from acquisition to admission, improving forecasting capability and efficiencies. New forecasting waterfalls were developed to offer enhanced admission visibility.

After reviewing all marketing activities, we completed a channel performance review and aligned media weightings across the decision-making process. Brand assets were uplifted, and experiences aligned to reassert this brand’s absolute prestige. With marketing and admissions operations established, we reviewed product challenges to address changing market needs.

To stay relevant in a changing market, we developed value propositions reflecting young women’s needs. We also identified unique characteristics and proof points that distinguished the brand from others in Melbourne’s most competitive postcodes.

Marketing and admissions effectiveness

Our efforts paid off. We achieved our target of increasing enrolments by +20% in 18 months. We reinvested in the Marketing and Admissions team, plugging key skill and capability gaps to ensure the team could deliver the organisation’s commercial requirements. Today, the school is expanding its capacity to meet the growing demand, with a strengthened enrolment pipeline.