Aligned strategy, brand, marketing and EVP in Aged Care


Building a family brand aligned with family values 

One of Australia’s premium Aged Care providers was experiencing significant growth. The imperative was to make this growth sustainable whilst delivering quality service and remaining true to the brand’s family values.

As part of a long-term engagement, working collaboratively with the client’s brand agency, we supported the client through a significant growth and acquisition phase. We defined a brand proposition, developed meaningful culture programs, and executed local marketing to maximise profitable occupancy rates.


Emmet’s response was insight driven from the inside out. Decisions relating to family care are highly emotive and complex. The care and culture of staff and residents go hand in hand. We worked to unearth brand and cultural differentiators that would unify the organisation and deliver a consistent experience and value proposition aligned with the organisation.

Once a new brand look and feel were developed, we began developing a communication and culture program to create consistency in resident and family experiences, ultimately leading to improved staff retention.

These programs were extended as the brand underwent a series of acquisitions to integrate and consolidate acquired facilities with varying brands, qualities and service standards. Once aligned, we progressed to develop a local-area marketing approach to maximise facility occupancy and service offerings.

Brand and value-driven growth  

This highly regulated sector is challenging for patients, families, and staff. With notoriously low staff retention and challenging working environments, our inside-out approach aligned the value proposition with family values, brand, culture, and experience. This work was ultimately driven by staff and families – galvanising a sense of family, pride and community belonging.  In the long term, staff attrition was reduced, delivering significant cost benefits, and NPS improved, driving word-of-mouth in communities.