B2B Sales Transformation 

Following a major acquisition, one of Australia’s leading B2B organisations needed to integrate a large and disparate sales organisation. Emmet Consulting’s mandate was to bring together high-profile brands spanning the Business, Enterprise and Government sectors, identifying and delivering top-and-bottom-line benefits in a compressed timeframe. 

National sales team

The sales teams of these national organisations consisted of over 200 personnel, managing well over $500m in annual revenue. The team required shaping around a single executive leadership structure, with processes, reporting, and sales target setting also requiring harmonisation. As one of Australia’s largest mergers of the time, an expectation of significant efficiencies also needed to be fulfilled over a compressed timeframe.

​Emmet practitioners consolidated data from multiple business units and sources, including two CRM platforms, Finance, Product teams and HR, to create a single source of truth for analysis. Having aligned data points, we translated the data into a clear view of sales performance, baselines, opportunities, and risks. Leveraging this insight to guide the sales transformation, the team was able to be reshaped within three months.

Multi-million dollar efficiencies 

Combining a diverse set of data points and using highly effective analysis tools enabled the realisation of multi-million-dollar efficiencies – for reinvestment in priority growth areas – in less than twelve weeks. Balancing the speed of transformation, careful change management ensured an ongoing level of stability, which helped deliver double-digit year-on-year growth over this time.

​The model built to support the transformation was handed over to the client, providing a platform for highly efficient and effective ongoing management and decision-making around the sales organisation.

With the foundation set and necessary savings banked, we turned to the organisation’s operating rhythm. Addressing long-term gaps in management visibility, we created a new reporting suite and cadence to drive future performance management through to the executive level.