Building marketing capability


Our client is a major access point to one of Australia’s best universities. With an ambitious transformational program and international growth ambitions, Emmet was engaged in identifying and designing the organisational structures and requirements for the marketing and communications function. And the development of a strategic framework for growth. 

Marketing evaluation 

Applying our 6-lens marketing audit model, we reviewed functional performance against organisational requirements to identify gaps and opportunities for optimisation. We then defined new work programs with supporting team structures, roles, capability maps, and the go-forward marketing external supplier requirement. 

Building a marketing function to grow

Our program set the foundations on which to grow. Emmet’s work delivered the client’s activity a more customer-centric focus, strengthening the impact of marketing and communications. Our engagement was extended to facilitate the development of internal communication strategies, technologies, and product development initiatives required to grow. Today, our clients’ investments have ensured they’ve outperformed in their category.