SaaS and Digital Identity Technology


Entering the Australian market 

With over 45m users, one of Asia’s largest SaaS providers of verified digital identity and digital signature solutions sought to assess the feasibility of entering the Australian market.

Combining expertise and deep networks

Digital identity is legislatively, technically, and competitively challenging. To de-risk market entry, we evaluated the client’s technology and success in its domestic market. Deep-diving into markets, sectors, and user applications, we undertook qualitative research with C-Suite leaders, technology, and subject matter experts to unpack the challenges of entering such a highly networked and nuanced marketplace.

Identifying the total addressable market

Unpacking global data and competition, we extrapolated emerging adoption trends. We identified the total addressable and obtainable market, use cases, and sector attractiveness.

Facilitating a smooth go-to-market entry 

Formulating a go-to-market strategy, we outlined preferred entry locations and critical considerations for a successful launch, including product modifications, technology infrastructure considerations and alternative pathways to growth. 

Gearing up for launch

With the groundwork laid, our client has entered the Australian Marketplace and established their primary office in Sydney, placing the brand at the heart of the country’s ID and technology community.