Vehicle Electrification


Market entry in the motorcycle industry 

Supporting the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA), Emmet was engaged to evaluate the market opportunity for Indonesian electric motorcycles in Australia. This market entry project presented exciting challenges.

Indonesia is a global powerhouse in electric motorcycle production. It boasts the third-largest motorcycle market globally, representing $1.5 billion and 41 million units. While Australia’s electric motorcycle market is relatively small, moves towards electrification, environmental concerns, and cost pressures presented potential pathways for entry.


Emmet assessed the market attractiveness and commercial viability for Indonesian manufacturers and distributors. Our 7-lens market-entry methodology considered macro trends, competition, market size, pricing, and product fit. Overlaying legislative and cultural considerations, we identified and created a market view aligned with Indonesia.

Drawing on our commercial modelling, research capabilities, and strategic foresight, we delivered actionable recommendations aligned with market opportunities and risk mitigation. We segmented the market, identifying critical commercial considerations and use cases for different segments—critically considering high-value opportunities in what can be a lucrative market for international importers.


Recommendations, research, and industry insights helped guide leading electric vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers in considering their go-to-market approach to scope and enter the Australian marketplace.