Growing with Large Language Models (LLMs)


Innovation and organisational transformation 

With increased global competition and advancements in machine intelligence, Australia’s leading language service providers identified the need to innovate. With several new products already in development, Emmet was tasked with developing a commercial strategy and requirements to maintain market share. 

Fractional leadership

Working as extended executive team members, Emmet Partners developed a commercial plan.  Prioritising the need to secure key Government contracts, we worked with the team to secure some of Australia’s largest contracts. This enabled the team to begin investing in the future. 

Prioritising the organisation’s business development capability, we strengthened the organisation’s ability to solidify the core business. Moving to review product development investment, we aligned market sectors with product and service opportunities across government, business, medical, and education markets. 

Recruiting a chief product and technology officer to strengthen the organisation’s capacity to innovate and translate ideas into market-ready offers, we set a course for commercial rejuvenation.

Once the foundational blocks were in place, we reviewed Go-to-Market capabilities, repositioned the brand to reflect the organisation’s ambition and developed tactical plans for marketing activities. 

Growth in EdTech

Focusing on the core commercial requirements of success enabled the team to secure some of Australia’s largest Federal Government tenders, providing commercial stability and a platform for growth and innovation. Today, the brand is an established EdTech player and leader in Conference Language platforms and services.