Campaign platform development


Searching for a brand truth 

As a consultancy driven to improve commercial effectiveness, we love seeing our thinking come to life. Even more rewarding is being part of a collaborative process with our clients and partners to produce meaningful work that remains true to its initial intent.

As part of a broader marketing program to develop a sustainable future for this prestigious independent girls’ school, we created a communications framework capable of differentiating and positioning the leadership qualities of the school, its educators and the students who live and breathe this brand.

Drawing directly from the school’s motto, Vero Nihil Verius, (Nothing Truer Than Truth), and working closely with our creative partners, we created a distinct and compelling campaign that allows the school to communicate its philosophy and values in a way that truly sets it apart.


Emmet Consulting Mentone Girls Grammar Brand Campaign Perform


Bold and courageous work

In a world that continues to debate the need for single-sex education, Mentone Girls’ Grammar is running towards the argument, unapologetically demonstrating the clear and compelling benefits girls reap when they can think, challenge, and voice their ideas in a girls-only environment.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 12 feature in the campaign, each captured in moments true to everyday life at Mentone Girls’ Grammar – un-staged, raw, and naturally confident to be themselves within their learning environment.


Emmet Consulting Mentone Girls Grammar Brand Campaign Strong Foundations


Work that works  

The campaign has launched across outdoor, press, and digital and will continue to showcase the school’s excellence in girls’ education through 2024. Over the past nine months, YoY marketing performance across all key engagement and response metrics has been +30-50%, demonstrating that creative, solid, and executed to perfection impacts Marketing and Admissions.


Emmet Consulting Mentone Girls Grammar Brand Campaign Bigger Opportunities