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B2C & B2B Hospitality Strategy Consulting

A Rapid Reset

Project Type: Strategy

Industries: Retail, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Wholesale

Services: Business Planning

Following years of growth and impressive diversification, the local and global pressures of Covid-19 saw this entrepreneurial, quick service restauranteur and wholesaler act quickly in pressing the reset button on their plans for 2021 and beyond. 

QSR Marketing Planning

Our Approach

Working with the company's founders, Emmet developed a specifically adapted planning model - which we appropriately named 'Plan B'. We accompanied the model with two, highly structured planning sessions - one focussed on mapping impacts across the P&L and broader business - with another focussed on the identification of risks and opportunities identification, together with project re-prioritisation. We wrapped the outputs in a detailed, re-planning document complete with supporting narrative.

The Results

Our 'Plan B' model enabled the client's executive team to lay down a clear view of how their business had changed - and how they then needed to change themselves - following months of enormous, global upheaval. Our tailored approach limited the requirement for time-investment from an already stretched leadership group, whilst delivering a clear and concise replanning document that described the path forward and facilitated the communication of that plan across the organisation. 

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