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When pressure creates diamonds

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


For all of the issues that Covid has caused for people, families and organisations, it's also evident that the pressures of the last year have seen people deliver improvements and innovation at a rate that may be possible under the most extreme of circumstances. As the saying goes 'pressure creates diamonds'.

As a business, that pressure has enabled us to have some of the most direct, and productive client conversations, that we've ever had. The reality of falling revenues, reducing margins and - in extreme circumstances - the complete shut down of channels to market has seen clients prepared to face realities that, in the old world, they could push aside. Some found themselves paralysed in their decision making and overwhelmed by change.

We worked collaboratively with a group of clients to facilitate a reset, identifying changes nuanced to their business circumstance, quantifying commercial impact and developing action pathways.

Our collaborations highlighted four imperatives to guide change

1. The need for an ‘impact narrative’ to help teams align and consistently communicate challenges, change and opportunity brought about by changes

2. Framing and re-prioritisation of initiatives around which teams could action and resource, to set course for 2021 and beyond. Identifying change and impact across long term strategic and more tactical, annual level requirements

3. Merging storytelling and clear-commercial thinking to deliver a simple way to frame change, direction and action

4. A circuit-breaker. The reset offered time to re-think and re-evaluate existing plans (not necessarily throw the old away) in an agile, structured manner - as the luxury of time didn't exist.

Today, Reset21 is embedded in our culture and methodology. Our framework facilitates focus and contextualises change across 8 business lenses, identifying and prioritising commercial impact - to deliver useable, action orientated plans.

One client was particularly impacted in a number of material ways. Despite significant challenges - upside opportunities emerged as the pandemic unfolded. Whilst our client experienced differing sales fortunes across their three-business lines, the reset offered an opportunity to take time out and think objectively (

Answers to organisation's questions often lie within - a reset is a luxurious imperative to challenge and align team decision making. To find out more, please feel free to drop us a line.

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