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Boosting immunity to the forces of disruption.

The pace of disruption, and shifts in consumer trends, fuelled by global and market disruptions, make change challenging to navigate. Whether it's tectonic change or tremors of disruption, organisations benefit from fresh eyes when navigating strategic marketing and commercial change.


Illuminate your business Engaging marketing consultants and outsourcing affords business leaders the luxury to assess business performance in a considered and systematic manner. Putting all components that determine future success on the table, unpacking what’s delivering material value, and defining future state capabilities, with a fresh pair of expert eyes. Stopping activity can be as potent as identifying what needs to be done, freeing up valuable resources and headspace to undertake activities that deliver sustainable value and material change.

Beauty in objectivity Whilst diagnosing marketing performance is imperative, the benefit and beauty of an extended team come from the objectivity and creativity they overlay across the marketing and commercial diagnosis.

Marketing consultants bring best practices, knowledge and a bag of tricks gained from other industries, learnings and insights from more conservative, and sometimes more creative, competitive industries and apply this to help uplift current thinking. Challenging industry norms and internal processes and stripping away the shackles of industry ‘baggage’ allow teams to identify opportunities, improving MROI and pathways to future states.

Marketing consultants are not created equal

A clear strategy is critical in a world where information and help are ubiquitous. However, not all strategy consultants are created equally. The ability to craft insight-driven strategies, actionable guidance and agile thinking makes the difference. A good strategy is something you can feasibly action; it shouldn’t mean unconstrained thinking, as constraints need to frame growth, innovation, and marketing strategy.

If you’re considering engaging a strategic marketing consultant or outsourcing thinking, challenge them and expect them to offer

  • Data to illuminate your understanding of your business, market, and customer

  • Clarity and perspective on your business challenge

  • A pathway to solving your problem within the constraints of your organisation

  • Financial and data rigour to ensure strategy and advice stack up

Emmet Consulting is an independent brand, marketing, and sales enablement practice. As an outsourced partner for Marketing and Sales, we help B2B and B2B2C brands thrive by defining strategy, sharpening operations, and enhancing Sales and Marketing performance.

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