Marketing Truth 

Meet Emmet. We’re an independent brand and marketing consultancy, with a reputation for clear-eyed honesty and efficient delivery. 


We deliver across the three main areas of strategy, capability and delivery.  

We collaborate with clients to guide innovation, reposition brands, identify marketing capability gaps, overcome growth challenges and facilitate meaningful, long-term marketing change. 


We believe good strategy and planning comes from people who’ve mastered the art of making good decisions. Without a decisive strategy marketing impact is dulled, money is wasted and worse, teams become demotivated and inefficient. 

Emmet means ‘Truth’. 


Finding that for our clients - and telling it well – is the reason we’re here. 


Deciding where to focus organisations collective intelligence and energy is vital – our team are senior, commercially-minded thinkers with a blend of client, agency and consultancy experience. People who’ve led national and global brands through the maze of marketing, channel strategy and customer experience – and most importantly, have the results to show for it. 


What we do 

We deliver across three main service areas Strategy, Capability and Delivery. 





We increase impact through brand and marketing strategy


Brand strategy

Marketing strategy and transformation 

Customer experience 

Communications strategy 

Proposition and product strategy

Internal communications and culture change





We help organisations build marketing and innovation capability

Marketing team capability review

Marketing organisational structure design, team and role design

Process redesign and implementation





We act as the marketing team for clients if needed, either temporarily or ongoing

Interim CMO and Marketing or Project implementation

Ongoing outsourced CMO, Board Advisory or ongoing marketing advice




How we work 


We’ve all walked more than a mile in your shoes; experience that brings a blend of objectivity, practicality and creativity that will transform your marketing performance.


While we’re happy to give advice if that’s really all you need, for Emmet, the ideal partnership involves us from strategy to execution because we see the best thinking often falls down in execution. So, we’ll work alongside your internal teams and with your creative agencies, or with ours to deliver a more impactful, sustainable difference. 


Our clients 


Emmet works with clients who reflect a certain view of the world and share our passion to make it a better place. Our clients choose us not just because of what we do, but why we do it. 


Likewise, we at Emmet are at our best when working with brands that have a purpose beyond selling their products or services, vital though that is.  


Brands run by people who stand for something bigger than themselves and who want to help nudge the world in the right direction. 

Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Transformation, Communications Strategy, Internal Communications, Brand Design and Interim CMO by Emmet.

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