Brand differentiation in schools


Brand purpose in education.

Does your school need help attracting students in a crowded market? Creating a clear brand proposition is crucial for parents, students, and educators when choosing your school over others.  “If you stand for something, you will always find some for you and some against. Yet, if you stand for nothing, you’ll find nobody for you or against you.” Bill Bernbach

Building a strong brand makes a difference.

When parents and students find a school’s brand that resonates with them, it shortcuts and simplifies their decision-making process. If your school doesn’t have the luxury of heritage, scale, or a strong positioning, take a step back and review strategically.

1. Strategy comes before the brand.

A strong school strategy that considers capabilities and resources against the competitive set, demographics, learning and financial imperatives is the foundation for brand thinking.

2. Translate your strategy into a compelling brand proposition.

Create a powerful communication platform that captures the essence of your school, its values, and what makes it the best choice for ideal students. Dig deep to uncover insights that have the potential to turn your brand into something truly unique.

3. Execute to perfection.

Ensure messages are consistent across the decision-making journey to maximise impact. Ensure your brand is seen, communications are relevant, and aesthetics are distinct and memorable. Most importantly, ensure that when a prospect does engage, the response and experience are second to none, and the journey delivers an outcome to enquiry, application or tour.

The demands of school marketing have changed. 

School marketing, like the education category itself, has changed, and schools often require help resetting their future activities.  Over the past ten years, the team at Emmet have worked with some of Australia’s most prestigious education brands across independent and tertiary institutions to define strategy, build compelling brand stories, and help drive innovation to ensure schools have a sustainable student pipeline.

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