Innovation under pressure


When pressure creates diamonds


At the onset of the pandemic, we had some of the most illuminating conversations with clients. The reality of falling revenues, reducing margins, and—in extreme circumstances—the complete shutdown of channels to market forced most organisations to face realities they could push aside in the old world. Some found themselves paralysed in their decision-making and overwhelmed by change. To help focus on what mattered most, we developed a new planning tool in collaboration with clients. Anchored in necessity, it facilitated urgently required ‘Business Resets’.  

Strategic Reset

Today, the volatility and fickleness of markets still demand high levels of agility and creativity. Requiring frequent sense-checking of business operations and performance to meet customer, market, and stakeholder needs. The essence of our ‘Business Reset’ thinking remains embedded in our culture and methodology.

Today, ImpAct is one of our most sought-after workshop formats for time-poor clients seeking a circuit breaker or objective point of view. ImpAct contextualises and quantifies change across eight business lenses to help frame change and identify pathways to improvement and innovation through action-orientated planning.


4 steps to help identify and manage strategic shifts


  1. Develop an ‘impact narrative’ to help teams align and consistently communicate challenges, change and opportunities brought about by changes.
  2. Frame and re-prioritise focus initiatives around which teams can take action and resource accordingly. Making sure to identify change and impact across long-term strategic and more tactical, annual-level requirements.
  3. Merge storytelling and clear-commercial thinking to deliver a simple way to frame change, direction and action.
  4. Always consider a circuit breaker. Whether things are working or not, taking time to Reset, rethink, and reevaluate commercial performance is never wasted.  As George Orwell said, ” To see what’s in front of your eyes is a constant struggle. “

Winning Commercial Thinking 

Answers to an organisation’s questions often lie within—a reset is a luxurious imperative to challenge and align team decision-making.