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Agriculture Marketing Strategy

A Recipe for Growth

Project Type: Strategy

Industries: Agriculture, Food Production, FMCG

Services: Business Strategy, Brand Strategy, Facilitation

How to become the park body for Australia's organic food indstry? As the largest promoter and certifier of organic produce in the country, our client tasked us with supporting their plans to de-merge functions and structure for growth, influence and stronger market positioning. 

Agriculture B2B Marketing Strategy

Our Approach

Emmet began by working with the board to understand the rationale for change, translating it into a narrative that repositioned two new brands in the market place. The narrative clarified purpose, function and target audiences for each of the brands. We also produced a programme of to support the two organisations, post de-merger. 

The Results

At the organisation’s Annual General Meeting, Emmet helped secure agreement for the splitting of the organisation and creation of two new brands, by clearly communicating the need for change to audiences heavily invested in the organic movement. 

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